updated: 2015-11-27

Beautiful high heel sandals clea (00:05:14)

Mistress lea get her new high heeled sandals licked clean by her slave, he lick the soles over and over, suck the heels while Mistress Lea humiliates him verbaly.

spécial sandwich for a slave (00:07:39)

Mistress Lea feed her slave with a fabulous sandwich, she crush two piece of bread under her dirty shoes, crush ham and cheese and spit on it for the salse. The slave eat the sandwich while Mistress Lea prepares a spécial drinks, she take of her sweaty an

Forced smelling domination with (00:06:16)

Mistress Kitty humiliate her slave in a wood, she force him to smell her dirty sneakers and realy stinky socks, she rubs her feet on his face, crush his nose, gagg his mouth and spit on his face over and over. its the real life of a Mistress Kitty's sla

Extrem smelling by Mistress Léa (00:06:29)

Mistress Lea put a cooking film all over the face of the slave except for the nose, the slave can take breath only by the nose. Mistress Lea sit on him and take off her sneaker to force the slave to smell them, the slave not have choice and Mistress Lea l

Brutal trample under Mistress Ki (00:06:39)

Mistress Kitty trample her slave under her high heeled sandals, she torture his nipples with her heels, trample his balls, stand on his throat full weight to choke him and digh her hells hardly in his skin. Obviously, Mistress Kitty get her shoes licked c