updated: 2014-04-21

Brutal high heel and barefeet tr (00:04:11)

Mistress Catarina trample her slave in the woods. She begin by trampling him under her high heeled sandals, she digs her heels in his body, stand on his ribs cage, crush his face and hands, Mistress Catarina enjoy to trampling slave under high heeled shoe

Mela brutal barefeet trample (00:06:25)

(Archive clip) Méla pratice on its slave. She jumps on him as on a trampoline, stand on his face, obviously she can't resist the pleasure of feeling the tongue of its slave under his feet.

Léa and Gloria trample # 1 (00:05:05)

(Archive clip) Lea and Gloria Trample the slave. Lea is bare feet, Gloria prefers the high heels. Lea tramples the slave, Gloria crushes his sex. sill a hard moment for this slave, under the feet of these divine mistress.

Happy easter with two divines go (00:07:58)

Mistress Lea and Mistress Kitty gives a surprise at her slave for Easter. They crush two chocolate rabbits under her old boots, spit on it over and over and order him to lick the disgusting mixture ou off their soles. The slave lick over and over, they sp

Outdoor pedicurist for Mistress (00:06:55)

After the cleaning, Mistress Kitty begin her pédicure, she take away the dirt from under her toenail, cut her toenail, she throws all the waste in the slave's mouth and make him eat and swallow everything, Mistress Kitty do'nt like to pollute the nature,