updated: 2015-06-29

The shoes shine boy life - episo (00:06:32)

The unlucky shoes shine boy get visited by Mistress Lea, her marvelous high heeled shoes Louboutin are dirty and she want them cleaned, She promises 50 at the boy if he clean them with his tongue, the boy is poor and accept the deal, he lick the dirt fr

Bad day for a unlucky driver - P (00:06:50)

After the brutal trample, Mistress Kitty want her dirty soles cleaned, she force the man to lick the dirt under her soles, the man lick the soles over and over, eat the filth and dirt and Mistress Kitty slap him for her own pleasure. When her shoes are sp

Extrem human spitton and ashtray (00:05:33)

Mistress Maeva transforms her slave in a human spitton and ashtray while she smoke a cigarets, she puts a funnel in the mouth of the slave and use him like a astray she puts her ash and spit over and over in the funnel to feed the slave in a good way.

Extrem beating in the wood - Rou (00:06:01)

Mistress Lea beat her slave harldy in the wood, the slave is tied on a tree and Mistress Lea punches him over and over in the face and stomack. She then kick him extremly in the stomack and finish by choking him hardly with a rope and plastig bag until he

The shoes shine boy life - Episo (00:08:20)

Mistress Maeva find a shoes shine boy on the road, she want her high heeled shoes cleaned and offers 50 a the man if he can clean them whis his tongue. The man is realy poor and accepts the deal, he lick every inch from the Mistress Maeva's shoes but is n