updated: 2015-04-23

Good afternoon for a foot slave (00:06:10)

Mistress Catarina get her high heeled boots licked clean at the seaside while she smoke a cigarets, the slave lick the street dirt out of her soles, suck her heels and open the mouth when Mistress Catarina need a ashtray.

High heel spikey shoes dominatio (00:06:43)

Mistress Kitty use her slave like a footstool while she relax at the sun, the slave lick her marvelous high heeled shoes, she digs her cruel heels in his stomack and finish by trampling him harldy. She stand on his balls, crush it, crush his face and thro

High heel shoes cleaning in the (00:05:16)

Mistress Catarina get her high heeled shoes licked clean in the car, her soles are realy dirty and she want them spotless, the slave lick the soles, suck the heels until Mistress Catarina ara satisfied.

Good dessert for a stupid man (00:06:52)

Mistress Kitty is bothered by a stupid man and punish him by feedind him with a out of date cake, she crush the tiramisu under her boots and force the man to lick her soles, with food, filth and mud, is realy disgusting but the man as no choice and she sl

Cruel smothering under feet (00:06:22)

Mistress Lea is tired from her slave and she decide to finish him under feet, she sit down on him and begin to smother him under her stinky socks but is not enough, she put a plastic bag on his head and torture him, she have the control on his breath with