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updated: 2016-07-15


Afternoon Carwash - Part 4


After the hand torture, Mistress Léa wants her dirty sneakers licked clean. The slave licks the dirty soles over and over, Mistress Léa gagg him without pity and continues to chock him with the collar.

Length : 00:05:45


Mistress Maëva walk in the countryside - Part 3


Mistress Maëva has not finished with his slave ... She really wanted to test its resistance to choke !! She squeezes her thighs around his strong neck, put his foot on the throats, it do all sorts of scissors taken !!!! The poor, he did little but it does not stop ... Mistress Maëva is very cruel and we love it ... To be continued

Length : 00:07:08


Afternoon Carwash - Part 3


Since Franck does not know to use his hands properly, Mistress Lea decides to crush his hands in the car. She orders Frank to put his hands in front of the tires of the car, then Mistress Leah rolls on his hands to crush them. You can hear Frank have very bad ... But she does not hesitate to pass and repass over. Then for good to make him understand that it was not satistafaite she crushes his hands again but with his sneakers ... The poor really suffer ... To be continued

Length : 00:05:01


Sports day with Mistress Kitty - Part 5


Kitty mistress had ordered slave so buy her bananas. Bie heard he has not forgotten. The problem is that bananas are rotten !!! Mistress Kitty is very irritated but rather than spoil it prefers to spit in the mouth of his subject ... It's really disgusting but yet it seems to worship. At the same it is normal, everything coming from his Mistress is divine ... She even crush him of bananas under his sneakers to make her lick it ... What a beautiful day for this slave !!!

Length : 00:07:02


Hard come back of Mistress Cynthia - Part 5


Turning the head Mistress Cynthia located the tray Franck strawberries. She immediately think of to make her room with her shoes ... It starts with a strawberry crush under his sole, then a second and orders Franck lick ... It continues to crush the very juicy strawberries, she also uses his heels for faires skewers !!! The mixture of strawberry and mud is a pure delight for Franck who has no choice but to lick. Mistress Cynthia pushes out its shoes in the mouth of his slave so it does not lose a crumb of this delicious taste ... To be continued

Length : 00:06:47