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updated: 2016-05-02


Hard come back of Mistress Cynthia - Part 3


Cynthia mistress then decides to sniff inside his Nike Air Max Franck. Given her reaction they stink !!! It has nothing to do and the strength to also feel his stinky socks ... Franck tries to discuss and Mistress Cynthia put him slaps with his feet to do him understand who is the boss !!! To humiliate him even more, she uses him as an ashtray ... Inferno Mistress Cynthia !!!

Length : 00:06:53


Sports day with Mistress Kitty - Part 2


Franck must now lead Mistress Kitty in a place he chooses for her to make her sport. To pass the time, she decided to make him lick her beautiful suede flat boots while driving. He licks over and over. She then removes a shoe and made him feel his smelly socks ... Then she continued to make him lick her boots again to sink into her mouth !!! The day will be long for this slave ...

Length : 00:07:33


Hard come back of Mistress Cynthia - Part 2


After a good romping Mistress Cynthia decides to order Frank to clean his Nike Air Max. It does not feel like it but the strength by driving the sneakers in the mouth. Once more docile, she decided to light a cigarette. And what better way to use his slave as an ashtray ... Franck eats her ashes and continuous polishing sneaker Mistress Cynthia ... Aprsè that it has still not done with it ....

Length : 00:07:26


Mistress Lea s birthday - part 6


After the pain and humiliation, Mistress Léa want to reward her slave, she dips her marvelous barefeet in a choclate cream a give to the slave the privilege to lick clean her feet.

Length : 00:07:18


Sports day with Mistress Kitty - Part 1


Kitty await his mistress slave who is late arriving poru take him to play sports. He finally arrives and she hopes to make her pay for the delay. She orders him to lie on the ground in front of the car. It begins with wipe their feet and connects on a good foot traffic. She crushed his head with both feet. Him walking on the balls and it even has the right to stomps. She ended up ordering him to lick her flat boots ... More promises to be intense for Franck ... Continued...

Length : 00:07:00