updated: 2014-11-24

Shoes cleaning before a date (00:06:08)

Mistress Cassi want her wedge heeled shoes licked clean before a date, her slave lick her dirty soles while she smoke a cigarets. Mistress Cassi rubs her dirty soles on the tongue's slave, trample him and use him like a human ashtray.

Brutal punishment for a homeless (00:08:00)

Mistress Kitty find a homeless man in her private property and she dont like that, she trample the poor man under her sneakers, stomp him, jump on him, stand on his face, crush his hands harldy and make him lick her dirty shoes's soles

Human carpet under marvelous fee (00:06:01)

After the shoes cleaning, Mistress Catarina want her beautiful feet licked clean, she rubs them on the slave's face, gagg him hardly while she trample him. She is without pity for the poor slave under her divine feet.

Fabulous high heeled shoes clean (00:06:30)

After the cleaning, Mistress Cassi want tu hurt him, she trample him under her marvelous shoes, she stomp him, digs her heels in his skin and face, kick him, crush his hands and clean her shoes's soles on his tongue like a vulgar doormat.

Humiliating afternoon for a foo (00:06:30)

After the shoes cleaning, Mistress Kitty give the privilege at the slave to lick and divine barefeet, she use him like a footstool while he lick her feet. She gagg him, slap him, spit on him and the slave continues to lick over and over even in front of