updated: 2015-07-27

Brutal beating under fashion sne (00:07:55)

Mistress Lea punish her slave in the wood, she kick him in the balls and stomack, stomp him hardly crush his hands, she then take off her fashions sneakers and force the slave to smell her sweaty but marvelous barefeet.

cruel trample under luxurious hi (00:07:54)

Mistress Kitty trample her slave on her balcony under her marvelous high heeled sandals Michael Kors, she stand on his balls, digs her heels in his flesh, stand on his throat without pity, crush his hands and face hardly. A very good trample under marvelo

Outdoor domination for a homeles (00:06:39)

Mistress Maeva walk in the wood and find a tramp on his way, she wake him up to fires him, but first she want to play whith him, she crush his face under her high heeled shoes, gagg his mouth and force him to lick her shoes. The man lick her dirty soles,

Slave feeding by hot day with sw (00:06:42)

Mistress Kitty feed her slave after a long jogging, the slave take of her shoes and find two piece of bread, the bread is crushed and sweaty and stinky. Mistress Kitty makes a sandwich with ham, she crush it under her sweaty sock, spit on it and put her a

The shoes shine boy life - episo (00:06:32)

The unlucky shoes shine boy get visited by Mistress Lea, her marvelous high heeled shoes Louboutin are dirty and she want them cleaned, She promises 50 at the boy if he clean them with his tongue, the boy is poor and accept the deal, he lick the dirt fr