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updated: 2017-03-23


high heel trample and shoes cleaning at the seaside


Mistress Kitty trample her slave under her high heeled sandals and force him to worship her dirty soles, she crush his face, torture his nipples vithout pity and the slave lick the dirt from the soles while she trample him.

Length : 00:06:05


Slave feeding under shoes


Mistress Diana and Mistress Alexandra feed a slave, they crush chocolate waffle under their high heeled shoes and force him to lick their dirty soles, the slave lick the food mixed with dirt and filth and eat all like a dog.

Length : 00:05:25


Sexy shoes domination and face sitting


Mistress Maeva is realy sexy in this clip, she force a slave to worship her marvelous sandals, and sitt on his face to smother him, maeva is fantastic il this clip, she torture his nipples, and crush the face of the slave under her marvelous ass.

Length : 00:07:00


Afternoon Carwash - Part6


After the face busting, Mistress Léa have a new idéa to humiliate the slave, she put chocolate coulis on the car and force the slave to clean the car with his tongue, its realy disgusting and to finish the perfect humiliation, Mistress Lea clean the wheels with toothbrush and the the mouth of the slave with the same tootbrush.

Length : 00:06:46


Mistress Maëva walk in the countryside - Part 5


After the brutal trampling, Mistress Maéva want her sweaty feet licked clean, she sit on the slave, remove her boots and rubs her stinky feet on the face of the slave and force him to lick them clean, she use him like a ashtray and spitton.

Length : 00:06:30