updated: 2014-12-19

Brutal punishment for a homeless (00:05:43)

After the beating, Mistress Kitty sit on him and clean her shoe on his face and tongue, she then take off her sneakers and force him to smell her sweaty and stinky socks. She rubs her feet on his face over and over to humiliate him. At the end she kick h

Extrem muddy boots cleaning by a (00:08:00)

Mistress Lea dirt her high heeled boots in mud and force a boot slave to lick them clean. The boots are realy full of mud and disgusting and Mistress lea like realy to look her slave licking them clean and eating the mud and filth. Mistress Lea is realy o

The shoes shine boy life episode (00:06:12)

The life continuous for the shoes shine boy, a very pretty goddess want her boots cleaned and she like to humiliate homeless man, she promises him 50 if he clean her dirty shoes with his tongue. The man lick the dirt ou off the shoes and soles, he eat t

Human doormat for dirty boots (00:06:48)

Mistress Gaelle turn back after a long walk, she clean her dirty boots on her human doormat. She use this slave only like a doormat, she rubs her dirty soles on his face and tongue, trample him,stomp him hardly and kick his face while he lick her odl flat

Shoes cleaning before a date (00:06:08)

Mistress Cassi want her wedge heeled shoes licked clean before a date, her slave lick her dirty soles while she smoke a cigarets. Mistress Cassi rubs her dirty soles on the tongue's slave, trample him and use him like a human ashtray.