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updated: 2016-08-19


Mistress Maëva walk in the countryside - Part 5


After the brutal trampling, Mistress Maéva want her sweaty feet licked clean, she sit on the slave, remove her boots and rubs her stinky feet on the face of the slave and force him to lick them clean, she use him like a ashtray and spitton.

Length : 00:06:30


Afternoon Carwash - Part 5


After the shoes cleaning, Mistress Léa want to bust the face of the slave, she stomp him over and over without any pity and most violently than ever she then stomp his face on the car for more pain. Mistress Léa is really most sadistic than ever.

Length : 00:05:55


Mistress Maëva walk in the countryside - Part 4


After the choking torture, Mistress Maeva want to trample her slave, she take on her high heeled boots and trample him without pity by a realy hot day. She digs her heels in his sking, trample him, stomp him, crush his balls, face and hand without any pity for the slave.

Length : 00:05:18


Afternoon Carwash - Part 4


After the hand torture, Mistress Léa wants her dirty sneakers licked clean. The slave licks the dirty soles over and over, Mistress Léa gagg him without pity and continues to chock him with the collar.

Length : 00:05:45


Mistress Maëva walk in the countryside - Part 3


Mistress Maëva has not finished with his slave ... She really wanted to test its resistance to choke !! She squeezes her thighs around his strong neck, put his foot on the throats, it do all sorts of scissors taken !!!! The poor, he did little but it does not stop ... Mistress Maëva is very cruel and we love it ... To be continued

Length : 00:07:08