Hard shoes gagging and worship (00:06:30)

Mistress Kitty get her high heel sandals licked clean while she smoke a cigarets, the slave lick her dirty soles and suck her heels and Mistress Kitty gagg him hardly, she digs her shoes in his mouth over and over and deeper and deeper. Mistress Kitty lik

Dirty foot cleaning for a driver (00:08:18)

After the boots cleaning, Mistress Catarina get her feet licked clean, her feet are realy dirty and sweaty after a very long day, The slave lick them clean, suck evey toes, and Mistress Catarina gagg him with her beautiful feet.

Dirty sandwich for a boots slave (00:07:23)

Mistress lea feed her slave with a good sandwich. She crush two piece of bread and chicken under her dirty boots, spit on it, rubs it on her dirty soles. The sandwich is full of filth and mud. The slave eat it like a dog, its disgusting but its a honor

Boots worship for a driver (00:07:20)

Mistress Catarina get her boots licked clean by her driver slave, her boots are realy dirty and she orders at her slave to lick them clean while she smoke a cigarets and use him like a ashtray. The boots are full of mud, filth, dirt and grass and the salv

Muddy boots cleaning and humilia (00:06:28)

Mistress Kitty walk her slave after a rainy day and force him to lick her muddy boots clean, the slave lick the mud and the dirt while Mistress Kitty smoke a cigarets, obviously, Mistress Kitty use his mouth like a astray and spit in his face and mouth t