Dirty boots cleaning by Mistress (00:05:45)

Mistress Maeva get her news boots licked clean, her slave lick the dirty soles and sucks the heels over and over, he eat the street dirt and filth out off the Mistress Maeva's boots.

Dirty shoes cleaning for Mistres (00:06:22)

Mistress Cassi walk her slave, she order him to lick her dirty high heeled shoes because she dont like to have dirty shoes, the slave lick her soles again and again and suck her heels until she shoes are spotless.

Luxurious high heeled shoes clea (00:08:30)

Mistress Kitty get her fabulous and luxurious high heeled sandals licked clean by her shoes slave, she use him like a footstool and smoke a cigarets while he lick her dirty soles and heels, she use him like a ashtray, spitton, torture his nipples and eyes

Dirty shoes and feet cleaning fo (00:07:03)

Mistress Lea turn at home after a long work day, a foot slave wait her to clean her marvelous high heeled shoes, she rubs her dirty soles on his tongue and use him like a foot stool while he lick her dirty soles clean, she digs her heels in his skin and f

Dessert eating by slave under ma (00:07:31)

After the ice cream, Mistress Lea feed her slave with a tiramisu, she soaks her feet in the tiramisu and the slave lick them over and over, he lick the food on the Mistress Lea's feet, suck every toes, lick between her toes. At the end, Mistress Lea crush