Sexy feet worship and spitting (00:08:24)

Mistress Maeva get her dirty feet licked clean, she rubs her dirty feet on the slave's tongue over and over, gagg his mouth with her sexy feet and spit in his mouth when he do'nt have enough saliva.

Humiliation for a new Mistress M (00:06:25)

After she got her shoes cleaned, Mistress Maeva want to refresh her hot and sweaty feet, she take off her shoes and rubs her fabulous feet all over the slave's face. He lick her soles, betwen her toes, suck her toes over and over until Mistress Maeva get

Humiliation for a new Mistress M (00:06:04)

Mistress Maeva meet a new footslave, first, she get him to lick her high heels sandals clean, she digs her heels in his skin, tease his jewels and spit in his mouth to humiliate him. She then sit down on him and rubs her dirty soles on his tongue.

human footstool under cruel high (00:06:23)

Mistress Cassi use her slave like a footstool under her high heeled shoes. She digs her high heel in his cheek, crush his face, ask him to lick clean her dirty soles. She take off her shoes and slap him with them, toture his nipples and skin with her crue

New foot slave for Mistress Maev (00:06:54)

Once upon her shoes cleaned, the slave get te provilege to take off the Mistress Maeva's shoes and worship her marvelous feet. Mistress Maeva digs her feet in his mouth, slap him with her feet, but the slave is realy happy to lick and worship the Mistress