Boots worship for a driver (00:07:20)

Mistress Catarina get her boots licked clean by her driver slave, her boots are realy dirty and she orders at her slave to lick them clean while she smoke a cigarets and use him like a ashtray. The boots are full of mud, filth, dirt and grass and the salv

Muddy boots cleaning and humilia (00:06:28)

Mistress Kitty walk her slave after a rainy day and force him to lick her muddy boots clean, the slave lick the mud and the dirt while Mistress Kitty smoke a cigarets, obviously, Mistress Kitty use his mouth like a astray and spit in his face and mouth t

Dirty boots cleaning by a rainy (00:07:15)

Mistress Catarina meet a slave by a rainy evening, her new boots are dirty and muddy and she order at the slave to lick them clean. The slave lick the mud and dirt and Mistress Catarina want them spotless because she has a date whith her boy friend.

Humiliation for a foot fetish ma (00:06:07)

Mistress Anais meet a foot fetish man. The man want to lick her feet fot 50 , but Mistress Anais dont like to have her feet worshiped, she tell him that it's ok if he lick clean her high heeled shoes first. The man begin to lick her dirty soles and heels

Foot cleaning after a long day (00:07:37)

Mistress Gaelle turn at home after a long day, she order at her house slave to serve her a drink. The slave take off the shoes and socks of Mistress gaelle and she force him to smell her really stinky socks. After the smelling, Mistress Gaelle give the pr