Extrem muddy boots cleaning by a (00:08:00)

Mistress Lea dirt her high heeled boots in mud and force a boot slave to lick them clean. The boots are realy full of mud and disgusting and Mistress lea like realy to look her slave licking them clean and eating the mud and filth. Mistress Lea is realy o

The shoes shine boy life episode (00:06:12)

The life continuous for the shoes shine boy, a very pretty goddess want her boots cleaned and she like to humiliate homeless man, she promises him 50 if he clean her dirty shoes with his tongue. The man lick the dirt ou off the shoes and soles, he eat t

Human carpet under marvelous fee (00:06:01)

After the shoes cleaning, Mistress Catarina want her beautiful feet licked clean, she rubs them on the slave's face, gagg him hardly while she trample him. She is without pity for the poor slave under her divine feet.

Humiliating afternoon for a foo (00:06:30)

After the shoes cleaning, Mistress Kitty give the privilege at the slave to lick and divine barefeet, she use him like a footstool while he lick her feet. She gagg him, slap him, spit on him and the slave continues to lick over and over even in front of

White high heel sandals cleaning (00:05:30)

Mistress Catarina use her slave like a footstool and shoes cleaner. The slave lick the soles of her white high heel sandals, suck the heels and she trample him when he does'nt lick correctly.