Dirty shoes cleaning for a shoes (00:06:17)

Mistress Catarina want to clean her differents pair of high heeled shoes, but first, the slave lick the shoes on her feet, the soles are realy disgusting from the street dirt and Mistress Catarina want them spotless. The slave lick them over and over unti

Disgusting feet domination for a (00:08:30)

Mistress Kitty is bothered by a stupid man because her feet are dirty. She get realy angry, slap him and humiliate him making him to lick her dirty feet, he lick the filth and dirt out of the feet, suck the toes and lick between them, Mistress Kitty use h

Mistress Lea and his human shoes (00:07:30)

Mistress Lea relax on her deckchair and use the face's slave like a footstool under her ballet shoes. this save know his place in the life and starts to clean the dirty soles with his tongue while Mistress Lea ignore him. After the soles cleaning, Mistres

Dirty wedge heeled sandals clean (00:06:05)

Mistress Cassi smoke a cigarets in a park while her slave lick clean her wedge heeled sandals, she use his face like a footstool and he lick her dirty soles over and over.

Dirty shoes and feet cleaning fo (00:06:58)

After the shoes cleaning, the slave take of a Mistress Léa's shoes and worship the marvelous sweaty feet, Mistress Lea gagg him with her feet, slap him hardly with her feet and relax on the bed while the slave lick her feet.