Dessert eating by slave under ma (00:07:31)

After the ice cream, Mistress Lea feed her slave with a tiramisu, she soaks her feet in the tiramisu and the slave lick them over and over, he lick the food on the Mistress Lea's feet, suck every toes, lick between her toes. At the end, Mistress Lea crush

Disgusting white boots cleaning (00:07:00)

Mistress Kitty like to humiliate her slave, in this video, she dirt her old white boots in the mud and ask at her slave to clean them with his tongue. The slave lick the Mistress Kitty's boots over and over, he lick the disgusting soles, suck the heels un

Slave punishment in the wood - P (00:06:49)

After the shoes cleaning, she want her sweaty feet cleaned in the same way, the slave lick her feet over and over, he sucks her toes, lick between her toes and she gagg him hardly with her foot. Mistress Lara is not without pity she give him a dring with

Slave punishment in the wood -1 (00:06:08)

Mistress Lara punish her slave in the wood because he dont clean her shoes correctly, she ties him and force him to lick her shoes, he owes licking every inch of the Mistress Lara's shoes, she rubs her dirty soles on his tongue to get them clean.

Slave feeding under the Mistress (00:07:27)

Mistress Lea is in good mood and decides to feed her slave, she dips her feet in a strawberry ice cream and gives the privilege at the slave to lick them clean and eat the ice cream. The slave lick her feet over and over, between her toes and suck her t