Beautiful high heel sandals clea (00:05:14)

Mistress lea get her new high heeled sandals licked clean by her slave, he lick the soles over and over, suck the heels while Mistress Lea humiliates him verbaly.

spécial sandwich for a slave (00:07:39)

Mistress Lea feed her slave with a fabulous sandwich, she crush two piece of bread under her dirty shoes, crush ham and cheese and spit on it for the salse. The slave eat the sandwich while Mistress Lea prepares a spécial drinks, she take of her sweaty an

Marvelous shoes worship in the c (00:05:46)

Mistress Lea get her new high heeled sandals licked clean in the car, the shoes are realy pretty and the feet of Mistress Lea are realy fantastics. The slace lick the soles and suck the heels over and over until Mistress Lea get satisfied.

Dirty boots cleaning by a lucky (00:06:29)

Mistress Kitty get her dirty boots licked clean by her boots slave, her boots are realy dirty and the slave lick the mud over and over on the soles and heels, Mistress Kitty gag him and rubs her dirty boots on his ugly face to clean them better.

Wedge heeled sandals cleaning an (00:07:37)

Mistress Kitty get her wedge heeled shoes licked clean by her slave while she smoke a cigarets, the slave lick her soles over and over, get used like a ashtray and gagged by the marvelous Mistress Kitty's shoes, Mistress Kitty then trample him hardly, she