Mistress Lea's birthday - part 5 (00:07:18)

In this another part, Mistress Lea trains her slave to be a god dog and obviously she uses a dressage necklaces to keep him under control, she gives him dog food and shocks him over and over for her own pleasure. Fantastic Mistress Lea

Mistress Lea's birthday - part 1 (00:07:37)

Mistress Lea get a visit from her slave for her birthay but the Lea's birthday was one weeks before. Mistress Lea take the beautiful gift, a "I phone 6s" but decide to punish the slave, she force him to lick her dirty sneakers, he lick the dirty soles ove

Slave feeding under old converse (00:07:00)

Mistress Lea is in a good mood, she walk her slave and decides to feed him. She crush a apple cake under her old white converse and the slave lick and eat all the piece of cake, dirt and filth stick on the dirty soles. Mistress Lea like to humiliate her s

Beautiful high heel sandals clea (00:05:14)

Mistress lea get her new high heeled sandals licked clean by her slave, he lick the soles over and over, suck the heels while Mistress Lea humiliates him verbaly.

spécial sandwich for a slave (00:07:39)

Mistress Lea feed her slave with a fabulous sandwich, she crush two piece of bread under her dirty shoes, crush ham and cheese and spit on it for the salse. The slave eat the sandwich while Mistress Lea prepares a spécial drinks, she take of her sweaty an